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Development of technology applied to aeronautical training, development of automated systems, fire simulators applied to any industrial and civil field.


We develop our own software, for maximum integration with the digital electronic components that we manufacture.


Communication with our devices is completely wireless. JETSOFT is compatible with all operating systems installed on tablets or mobile phones.


Latest generation machinery for large format 3d printing, metal, wood and resin molding. All without limit of measurements to build.

Modular construction

Our modular development system helps to improve project delivery times, installation in the space conditioned by the client, transportation and maintenance of devices.

How does it work

Once we have the plans developed, our engineers divide the device into parts, not only thinking about its modular construction, but also how it will be assembled at the destination site and how it will be loaded in the corresponding transport, so that they occupy the least space possible and costs are reduced.

Installation times are so short that, for example, a device measuring 15 meters long by 4 meters wide can be installed and operational in 5 days.

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